Planofis Istanbul Anatolian Side

If you have the thought “why should I rent an office in Kadikoy?”, it would be enough to point out at this rooted and humble district’s transportation potentiality, central workplaces, social environment, municipality, artisans, beaches and many other advantages of Planofis’ offices that are located in Kozyatagi, here are some of them…

Legal Address

Cut down on all the extra costs incurred during company establishment. Let us provide you a legal address.

Prestigious Address

Our office, which is located in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, on the Kozyatagi side road, only 3 minutes of walking distance away from the Kozyatagi Metro Station, provides easy access for you and your customers.

Easy to Use

As long as you are agreed with Planofis, you can move to your office and start working in a very short time without waiting.

Advantageous Prices

Forget about classic office costs. Your office is no longer just an expense, but a benefit to you. Enjoy our pre-prepared offices.

Flexible Packages

The Planofis Team thinks, develops, and does everything for you. All you need to do is focus on your own work and feel comfortable. Click to view our packages now.

Solution Oriented

Only think about your own business. Everything about your office is now under our control. Whether you rent a Virtual Office or have other services, we are all at your side.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sanal Ofis, Hazır Ofis, Toplantı Odası Kiralama

Will I Have to Pay A Real Estate Commission?

The most important expense when starting a business is usually the office rent. When added on the office rent; office furniture, electronic devices and other needed items in the office may increase the burden of owning a company. If you are not working with a big team and constantly need an ..

Sanal Ofis, Hazır Ofis, Toplantı Odası Kiralama

Can I Benefit From the Advantage of Withholding?

As an important expense for business owners, withholding puzzles freelancers who want to establish their own company, as well as people with start-up projects who plan to work with a small team. So, what is rental withholding tax and is it possible to establish a company without paying it?

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Sanal Ofis, Hazır Ofis, Toplantı Odası Kiralama

Can I Show It As An Official Company Address?

You can show offices, where you can get virtual office, instant office, meeting room and daily office rental solutions at advantageous prices, as an official address for your company,. If you are working freelance or at home, or if you are running your new business more often on ..

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