Kadikoy Virtual Office

Kadikoy is not one of the most prestigious districts of only the Anatolian side of Istanbul, but Istanbul as a whole. As Planofis, we serve in Kadikoy Kozyatagi, Istanbul. We are at your service if you want to rent a virtual office in Kadıköy with the most prestigious and advantageous terms with the best prices. On this page, we will try to answer your questions in mind about renting a Planofis virtual office.

First, let’s talk a little about Planofis;

What Is Planofis?

Planofis Office Consultancy is located in the area of plazas in Kadıikoy Kozyatagi, designed with all your needs in mind for your comfort, in the most valuable central location of the Anatolian side of Istanbul. We are looking forward to your visit to add prestige to your existing or newly developing business.

If you have the thought “why should I rent a virtual office in Kadikoy?”, it would be enough to point out at this rooted and humble district’s transportation potentiality, central workplaces, social environment, municipality, artisans, beaches and more. It will be the best location for your newly founded or existing company. Kadikoy is also one of the most ideal locations in Istanbul in terms of virtual office prices.ices.

Kadikoy Virtual Office Planofis Services

The virtual office saves you from all the expenses of founding a new company; office expenses, meeting room expenses, answerphone expenses, kitchen expenses etc. These are situations that seem small at first out of enthusiasm, but when seriously thought, they will ruin all your plans. Many attempts ended before they even began because of these issues. Renting a virtual office reduces all of these expenses to a minimum, which gives you the chance to make yourself comfortable and focus on your work.

If you need a physical space in Kadikoy, we recommend you to browse our Kadikoy Instant Office page.

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