Kadikoy Daily Office

Small companies with limited budgets are hesitant to invite customers to their offices. While trying to promote their products or services, office and staff costs always leave a question mark in their minds. It is possible to solve such problems with Kadikoy daily office renting service. An affordable and prestigious office will provide you with a great advantage in short term renting.

Another group suffering from office problems in Istanbul is the producers that produce in different cities of Turkey and sell to companies in Istanbul. When they come to Istanbul for sale, they have trouble finding an office, showroom and meeting room where they can exhibit their products. Kadıköy daily office renting service is the most suitable alternative for all these problems. The service we provide is in a location that can be reached with metro, metrobus, ferry and Marmaray from anywhere in Istanbul and is very affordable. With this service, you can welcome your customers at your office which you can rent on a daily basis, use all office equipment, and have a catering service.

Kadıköy Daily Office Planofis Services

Also, you can show our office as an address and ensure that your cargoes, letters, files are delivered to our office by couriers. So, you will not have to wait for deliveries within the day and queue at branch offices to receive or send a package in evening hours. You can focus on your business while we provide you with the necessary environment in the best way to make your job easier.

With our meeting room services that will support your provision of a corporate image, you can meet your customers in a clean office environment, not in cafes. You will be able to welcome your guests after learning about the prices of Kadikoy meeting room, which will be shaped according to your needs. Do not forget that we always have a well-equipped space for you in our modern-looking offices.

Only focus on your work in our meeting rooms,

  • Which are technically fully-equipped,
  • Which provide whatever you need aside from the catering service
  • Which will strenghten your corporate image
  • Which provide a telephone service

Kadikoy Daily Office Prices

Kadıköy has become one of the most important business centers of the Anatolian side thanks to metrobus, Marmaray and wide metro network serving in the Anatolian side. You can also benefit from our services for short term office needs after you have learned about the daily office prices in Kadikoy. If you think what the need to have an office for a short term is, it is high time you knew us. You can always contact us for office rental services.

If you want to set up your own business and do not have a good amount of accumulation, it may be very difficult. Our company provides you with a room in our office specially designed for you, allowing you to run your business institutionally. We meet all kinds of needs that every company has such as stationery, communication lines, cargo preparations and entertaining guests, and we provide you with the environment you desire. You can have the advantage of paying for what you have used and be our guest until the required time is up. Do you have any idea about the costs of renting an office to conduct your own business?

With the daily office prices in Kadikoy, you can have an institutional working environment without forcing your budget. In this way, you increase your value in the eyes of your future customers and can make new business contacts by expressing yourself better. You can use our office as your office any day you wish for your business in Istanbul, especially in the Anatolian side. You will be proud of the decision you have made when you step inside a calm, modern and peaceful office equipped with the latest technologies.

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