Instant office

urges you to your business by saving you from all the hard work in a new office setup. All the necessary resources are preset and your working environment is prepared without you worrying about rent, alterations, electricity, water, internet, office requisites, cleaning etc.

Get rid of all the expenses that come with a classic office!

With workspace rental you will be provided alternative services such as a secretary service that will answer your phones on behalf of your company, a reception and consultation service, a mail and cargo tracking service, and cafe services by a professional team. In this time-saving process, all you need to do is get your computer and start working.

Advantages Instant Office Standard Office
Short –Term Leasing Options Yes No
Stoppage No Yes
Monthly Dues No Yes
Assistant Services Free Paid
Furnished Office Free Paid
Private Phone Line Free Paid
Fiber Internet Free Paid
Mail Services Free Paid
Guest Services Free Paid
Hot Beverages Free Paid
Complimentary Snacks Free Paid
Cleaning Services Free Paid
High Speed Internet Free Paid

Instant Office Rental

Companies that especially attach importance to business quality want to establish their workplaces in big plazas or central places. Renting a fully equipped office in these places and arranging it according to needs means enduring high costs. However, it is easy to fit a company into a phone or computer with today’s technology. Yet, we have one more problem; a fully equipped and cost-effective office in a prestigious address. We have workspaces that can serve you as much as you need, let you avoid unnecessary costs and offer multiple services in one office with larger or smaller options.

If you are an entrepreneur who owns or targets a start-up project, all you need to do is get your computer and start working. You do not have to think twice in order to be a job holder and endure high costs in a city with a high economic potential like Istanbul anymore. Your workspace, which is in a prestigious location like Kadikoy, Kozyatagi, which is one of the most open places for improvement and change in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, is waiting for you.

As it is very close to metro and many accommodation roads, you can reach your workspace in the Anatolian side whenever you wish.
It is very easy to own an office located in a prestigious address now. All you need to do is call us and choose one of the flexible contract terms that is suitable for you. Rent a workspace; get rid of expenses such as rental contract, withholding, dues, internet, water, electricity, heating, cooling, furniture decoration, cleaning, tea, coffee etc.

Interior Design in Workspaces

In addition, interior designs of our workspaces are designed as spaces rented to different users in different packages for a given period of time with virtual office systems and personnel services of differentiated office spaces.


We are offering you Instant Office solutions so that you can only focus on your business.

With flexible terms of contract, work in a prestigious location, in an office equipped with modern furnishings and all office tools, while using your budget for your investments, not for your office.

Fill in the appointment form to get the best offer. Our Virtual & Instant office specialists will contact you as soon as possible.