Anatolian Side Ready Office

Planofis continues to serve in the Anatolian side ready office of Istanbul with its innovativeness and technological infrastructure. Ready Office is an ideal location for anyone who needs a prestigious office, address, working environment for their business. Moreover, you can benefit from the services of Planofis’ Anatolian Side Ready Office with the most competitive prices in the sector.

First of all, we would like to mention that if the virtual office service we mentioned earlier on this page is not sufficient for you, we recommend you to rent a workspace. For more detailed information about Instant Office, you can visit our Instant Office page.

Anatolian Side Instant Offices

One of the most important points when renting a workspace is its location and cost. Business life is a process full of difficulties. In this process, cost calculation is the first and basic calculation that every entrepreneur & business owner should make. The use of workspaces has been increasing steadily recently. There are many institutions serving in the European and the Anatolian sides. Planofis helps anyone who wants to get a instant office service in the Anatolian side. Especially in the Anatolian side, rising values such as Kozyatagi, Bostanci, Kadıkoy, Goztepe and Atasehir are also active.

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The ever-evolving infrastructure of the Anatolian side, which has broken its silence, has become more attractive with projects that remove the traffic problem. In the past, residents of the European were reluctant to go to the Anatolian side because of the traffic problems, but public transport projects have made the traffic more comfortable. For example; you can go from Zeytinburnu to Kozyatagi in a short period of time like 45 minutes. Industrialization, marketing and the growth in the service sectors in the Anatolian side attract the European side population. Taking all these into consideration, it is up to you to rent an office in the Anatolian side and to direct the developing world of business in this region while being in its center. Prices in the Anatolian side are more convenient than that of the European side. In particular, the Kozyatagi region is characterized by its central location, walking distance to metro, social environment, and formation of new workplaces. Besides these, one of the most important points for our customers is its easily reachable location. In the instant office system, you can meet with your customers and colleagues in the working space provided by Planofis, as an alternative you can rent meeting rooms and run your business in a corporate way.

In Summary

Instant Offices are known to have many advantages. As Planofis, we have already mentioned these issues. To explain briefly, instant office services are a new generation of business services which developing companies prefer mostly in order to get rid of secret office expenses. You can also benefit from many services provided by workspaces. Before it is too late, reserve your place in the Anatolian side.

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