Kadikoy Instant Office

Within the scope of the services we provide, you can also benefit from Kadikoy workspace options and come to your office when you need to follow up your business. You can have a positive effect on the companies you are trying to deal with by doing your business through a corporate address and communication line. You can look at our packages which offer great advantages especially for newly established companies. Our workspaces, which we offer to our customers for whom the virtual office packages are not sufficient, are advantageous in terms of location when compared to other companies. We serve in Kadikoy, the most prestigious location in the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Planofis is looking forward to provide you with the best service. If you have not rent an office yet, if you are thinking about renting a workspace in Kadikoy, you are at the right place.

Why Kadikoy?

If you have the thought “why should I rent a workspace in Kadikoy?”, it would be enough to point out at this rooted and humble district’s transportation potentiality, central workplaces, social environment, municipality, artisans, beaches and more. It will be the best location for your newly founded or existing company. Kadikoy is also one of the most ideal locations in Istanbul in terms of instant office prices.

All you need to do is just focus on your business, and we’ll deal with your needs and office building work. You can get detailed information about Kadikoy instant office prices and compare them with the rent and general expenses of the office you think about renting. Do not forget that you will have to deal with a lot of infrastructure work, that you will at least have to go to the electricity and water authorities to take over the contract in the address where you want to rent an office.

With our instant office services, we think about all the details on behalf of you and do our best.

  • Dues,
  • Furniture use,
  • Telecom costs,
  • Infrastructure expenses and
  • Internet use are included in our workspace options.

If you do not need a physical office space, Kadikoy virtual office may also be suitable for you.

We will be glad to reserve a room for you in our office located in the most prestigious district of the Anatolian side. You can use your office to welcome your guests, and to coordinate your work. We offer you an ideal working environment with our service options that we develop according to your requests, and deal with your office work on behalf of you.

Kadikoy Instant Office Prices

You can get information about Kadikoy instant office prices through e-mail. With the budgets that we will provide you with considering the terms that are appropriate for you, we will be happy to be on your side with your business. You can say hello to a working life with us, in a modern office, where stationary equipments are at your desk, and where there are no fixed costs.

Fill in the appointment form to get the best offer. Our Virtual & Instant office specialists will contact you as soon as possible.