Anatolian Side Virtual Office

Planofis proudly serves its valuable customers in the Anatolian side of Istanbul. We would like to give more detailed information about our virtual office services in the Anatolian side. First of all, it is beneficial to mention a little about virtual office.

Virtual office is an office space that exists in the physical sense but is not actively used by the lessor. If you want to know more about virtual office, you can visit this page. So, as you do your business outside, you can take advantage of the secretariat service, one of the services of virtual offices, so you will not miss any phone call. You can have the best and most prestigious location of the Anatolian side on your business card. Using a virtual office is the ideal solution for you if you are one of the people who run vast majority of their business on the internet or who are constantly in the field. You can rent a virtual office for either 1 month or 12 months. There are many advantages of virtual offices such as secretariat service, cargo reception, and phone call forwarding. You can also use meeting rooms on certain days of the month.

Planofis Anadolu Yakası Sanal Ofis Görseli

In the European and the Anatolian sides, virtual offices are usually located on the plaza floors. Renting offices in the Anatolian or European sides is quite costly and monthly office rentals are quite high. In addition, if we add the prestigious plaza floor feature, it can become incomprehensible. If you only need virtual office services, renting a virtual office in the Anatolian side will be the right solution for you. When renting an office it is very important that it is also in a central location. Other issues are decoration and alterations. Central locations such as Kozyatagi, Kadıkoy and Bostanci are quite frequent in the Anatolian side.

Anatolian Office Virtual Office Prices

As Planofis, we think of you and immobilize the exchange rate of dollar. If you want to rent a virtual office in the Anatolian side, you can try it for 100 USD + VAT per month now by calling us on 0216 906 0303, so that we can create a custom package for you. Also, if you think that the virtual office service is not enough for you and that you need a physical space, you can visit our Anatolian Side Instant Office page.

Anatolian Side Means Prestige

It is possible to rent virtual offices monthly for very low prices in such prestigious locations. It is now easier to go to the European side from the Anatolian side. We can say that virtual office prices in the European side are more competitive. Instead, the unique beauties of the Anatolian side, its central location and the work opportunities that are improving day by day are only some of the reasons for preferring the Anatolian side.

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