Virtual Office

A virtual office is actually an office space that exists in the physical sense but is not actively used by the lessor. You may think of it as a team that supports you from the office as you work outside. Using a virtual office is the ideal solution for you if you are one of the people who run vast majority of their business on the internet, who are constantly in the field or working in their home.

If you are running most of your work on the internet, Virtual Office is for you!

It is now possible to take advantage of all the facilities that a fixed office has without an office. By renting a Virtual Office, you will instill confidence into your customers with a prestigious business address in Kadikoy Kozyatagi, in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, which you can use to carry on your business, while your phones are answered on behalf of your company. With a phone number special for you, you will be notified within the day about phone calls, mail and cargo tracking, fax etc. If you wish, you can organize meetings with fully equipped virtual offices that can be used hourly or daily. It is no longer so difficult to realize your dreams and to own your own business.

What Is Vırtual Office?

Renting any of the Planofis packages is a great advantage for newly established companies. Have you established a new company and got your home address on your business card? Are your cargoes coming to your home and turning back because no one is there? Are you inviting your customers to cafes when they want to have a meeting? Instead of making virtual meetings with your customers, you can create a real brand image at your virtual office address by renting a virtual office from Istanbul Kadikoy Planofis for a reasonable price.

Benefits of Virtual Office

Choose Planofis if you are in need of prestigious meetings and workspaces, but do not want to pay while you do not need the office.

Planofis solutions are here with the most economical and ideal options for anyone who has such problems. You can have a prestigious address, an assistant service (your phones answered on behalf of your company), a cargo service, a custom fixed telephone number billing and a fax service with a very tight budget, and be a step ahead of your rivals in your business life.

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Virtual Ofice Planofis Services

Nowadays lawyers also heavily use virtual offices.

They can create a website with the extension [] in order to maintain their professional activities on the internet, to inform their clients, to publish their professional articles and scientific studies. They can use e-mail addresses with the extension [] or those provided by the Union of Bars of Turkey or other bars they belong on their signboards, printed documents or websites. While running their professional activities on the website, under the condition that they do not act against the honor and rules of advocacy and the respect and trust required by their title, and behave accordingly to the confidentiality obligation by taking the necessary security measures, they can use the internet’s idiocratic tools and customized applications like “virtual office” which are protected by password-algorithm and to which only the relevant person has access, in the background of the website. These applications can not be brought into use for others.


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