Shared Office

Co-working offices are another option to reduce costs with the common use of services and space in a workplace. It is very similar to shared office use. All the facilities that the virtual office provides are valid in the co-working Shared offices as well, apart from the individuality of the Shared virtual office. This brings the use of common space. You can also join a new social network where you can get new business connections through the use of common space.

If you think that instant office solutions are expensive and that the virtual office solution is not enough for you, we recommend you to see our co-working offices.

In our everyday life, we often come across people who have their computer open and are drinking coffee in renting a shared office that sell coffee. The vast majority of these people are either freelancers or working in the field. Shared Office renting When we say a co-working office, you can similarly think of a common physical shared office where you can do your work by getting your computer and sitting at a table. The biggest advantage is that you can make your business and environment more corporate with a co-working office.

Co-working Office Rental

Do you not want to have the comfort of a cafe and the corporateness of a company at the same time in a central location like Kadikoy Kozyatagi in the Anatolian side of Istanbul?

Fundamental services such as electricity, water, internet, heating, cooling, secretariat and cargo tracking, as you can use an official address, are provided for free in co-working renting a Shared offices, just like in virtual offices. Particularly in the secretariat service, having corporate numbers, which can be written on business cards, as well as responding customers on phone calls with live secretary, will have a positive contribution to your prestige. Especially those who have set up a new business, freelancers and entrepreneurs can conveniently use these Shared offices. Those who already have an renting a Shared office also can choose this method to cut down on costs.

We have reserved a workspace for you which you can use 24/7, where you can take advantage of all the facilities of instant office.

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