Kozyatagi Virtual Office

Young entrepreneurs starting to work with limited budget can not budget for personnel to

  • Work in the office all day long
  • Receive cargoes
  • Answer phone calls

Fixed overheads can always distress every business owner. While trying to promote their products or services, constantly thinking about office and staff expenses make employers busy. It is quite easy to solve this and similar issues with Kozyatagi Virtual Office rental service. With this service, you can rent an affordable and prestigious office for a short or medium term.

It is very costly to rent an office in Istanbul in an affordable and central location. Projects such as metro, metrobus and Marmaray, which have been recently implemented to solve the intense traffic between the European and Anatolian sides, have greatly relieved the mass transit traffic between both sides. Due to these projects to solve the transportation problem in the Anatolian side, office rents around Kadıkoy have increased considerably. Even the virtual office prices are quite high.

Kozyatagi Virtual Office rental service is a suitable solution for high rentals. Thanks to this service, you can:

  • Welcome your customers in your virtual office
  • Use the office tools
  • Benefit from the catering service

If you would like, you can show our office as your address and ensure that your papers are delivered to our office. So, when you plan your day, you do not have to make a schedule considering the arrival times of the couriers. Focus on your business, visit your customers, attend fairs, and we will provide you with the most convenient office environment to make your business easier.

Kozyatagi Virtual Office Planofis Services

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