Kadikoy Meeting Room

With the investments made in recent years, Kadikoy has gained an easily accessible characteristic from every region of Istanbul. Companies locating in districts that are far away from the center of Istanbul, companies that manufacture in various cities of Turkey, and international companies willing to meet with Turkish business partners when they come to Istanbul choose us when they need a meeting room in Kadikoy.

  • Sabiha Gokcen Airport,
  • Marmaray,
  • Metro
  • And Metrobus have made this district one of the most popular ones in Istanbul. With the housing and workplace projects, its population has increased along with the housing and workplace rents, and finding a convenient office has become even harder. Our company, which produces new and creative projects in order to solve this important problem, provides convenience to the companies that need an office or a meeting room in the region.

Meeting Room

Those who would like to rent a meeting room from Kadikoy can also rent daily, weekly or even hourly according to their needs. You can also benefit from the service packages where you can use the office tools and also benefit from the catering service. While you are welcoming your business partners, customers and guests in an extremely elegant environment, we will be providing you with the necessary support so that you will feel at your office. We will always satisfy your needs such as fax, photocopy, printer, note pad and pen. While you are focusing on your meeting, presentation, work and customers, we will do the necessary infrastructure works to make you feel at your office.

Kadikoy Meeting Room Prices

With our meeting room services that will support your provision of a corporate image, you can meet your customers in a clean office environment, not in cafes. You will be able to welcome your guests after learning about the prices of Kadikoy meeting room, which will be shaped according to your needs. Do not forget that we always have a well-equipped space for you in our modern-looking offices.

Only focus on your work in our meeting rooms,

  • Which are technically fully-equipped,
  • Which provide whatever you need aside from the catering service
  • Which will strenghten your corporate image
  • Which provide a telephone service

You can benefit from our services for the promotional meetings that you will organize, workshops where informings about season preparations are made, and new customers you meet. Technical staff and personnel to serve food and drinks are available at your office to satisfy your needs during the meeting. We offer our customers the opportunity to choose the type of meeting they desire and we arrange the relevant places on the agreed date.

You can also get informed about Kadikoy meeting room prices and can run your business from your private office. Do not think that our services are only used by people who set up new businesses. For a large and institutional company that wants to provide trainings or idea exchanges for its employees who serve in the Anatolian side, choosing a close address will ensure that the time is used well. The attention you give to your meetings may return to you as a successful business deal. Do not think about costs, and even if you run your business from home, hold your meetings at our office.

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