Virtual office plus

Virtual office plus provides office use within five working days of the week as well as all virtual office facilities. Thus, while having a regular working environment and regular hours, you will have all the facilities that will make you feel at work. We create the most suitable virtual office package for you. We guide you for your office selection. However, we support you while you do your work. We also hope to give you the best service while enjoying your size office. You are in the right place to rent a virtual office.

In addition to covering all of your virtual office privileges, it includes office use for five (5) working days per month. Virtual Office package.

Virtual Office Plus Planofis Services

Who Should Choose Virtual Office Plus?

Those for whom the virtual office is inadequate, as well as who may need a physical office space for up to 5 days per month, freelancer teams, those who are developing a start-up project, those who are newly incorporating may prefer Virtual Office Plus, which is an advanced version of our Virtual Office package.

     You travel a lot, work from home or out of town. You don’t need a traditional office. You want to pay as much as you need and spend your income on your projects. You just need a prestigious legal address and professional contact. So the virtual offices, the smartest and most economical choice of thousands of entrepreneurs who want to start their business easily, are for you. With Planofis difference and assurance, you can have a virtual office today.

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