Will I Have to Pay A Real Estate Commission?

The most important expense when starting a business is usually the office rent. When added on the office rent; office furniture, electronic devices and other needed items in the office may increase the burden of owning a company. If you are not working with a big team and constantly need an virtual office and instant office, these expenses may really become an unnecessary burden. Today’s up-trending instant office option minimizes all these costs, enabling you to be an office owner at the most prestigious addresses in the busiest point of the city. Planofis was designed with every feature in mind, including the office rent you pay, furniture, electronic devices, parking, cargo service, secretariat and other services. There is also no such thing as an office commission for office rentals. In other words, when you rent an office at Planofis.com, you do not pay commission to real estate. Virtual office and instant office…

What is Real Estate Commission?

When renting a house or office, a figure of around 12% of the annual rent is paid to the real estate agent or brokerage house as the real estate commission. If the property is rent from the owner, commission is not paid. Planofis solutions are actually included in the scope of rental from the owner, too.

Can I Benefit From the Advantage of Withholding?

As an important expense for business owners, withholding puzzles freelancers who want to establish their own company, as well as people with start-up projects who plan to work with a small team. So, what is rental withholding tax and is it possible to establish a company without paying it?

What Is Rental Withholding Tax?

One of the costs incurred by having a workplace is the withholding tax, which is about 25% of the rent if you have rented the address you use as your company address. In other words, the workplace owner pays tax to the state for the space he/she has rented.

Will I Pay Withholding Tax If I Rent An Instant Office?

Aiming for providing professional solutions for needs such as instant office use, meeting room rental, daily office rental, Planofis.com provides you with many advantages all together. One of the advantages it provides is the advantage it offers for withholding. Because, if the rent contract is arranged to indicate that the rental fee is net cost, then the company is not paid the withholding tax.

What Are the Other Advantages of Renting An Instant Office?

You may consider our instant office solutions if you work at home and use your home address as your company address, or if you are completely a freelancer and need an office for meetings, as well as an official address and a secretariat service. By choosing an instant office package that suits you, you can use the relevant location as an official address. When you are not in the office; your notes will be taken, your phone calls will be answered on behalf of your company and your guests will be welcomed.

Enjoy hosting your customers, relatives, colleagues and business partners at your prestigious address in one of the city’s most central spots now by taking an offer for a Planofis option that is right for you. Virtual office and instant office…

Can I Show It As An Official Company Address?

You can show Planofis.com offices, where you can get virtual office, instant office, meeting room and daily office rental solutions at advantageous prices, as an official address for your company,. If you are working freelance or at home, or if you are running your new business more often on the internet, you may have realized that you need an office from time to time. Would not it be enjoyable to have a stylish office in the center of the city that you could use for your meetings with your customers or business partners? Here, with Planofis.com, you can easily create a custom solution for your own business. In addition to your cargo and mails, it is possible to show the office you have rented as your official address.

You can enjoy Planofis offices, which you can show your business partners, customers and relatives as your business address. You can also show your spacious office, decorated with the most trendy office furniture, located in the city’s most central points, as the address for official correspondences of your company. Virtual office and instant office…

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