Optimum Office Rentals

Being the boss of your own business once you have gained a certain experience in business life adorns everyone’s dreams. The calculations made at this stage always come to a point and stop up. Many projects end before they began due to the expenses. Among these expenses, the largest and most thought-provoking is the office rental. That’s exactly where Planofis goes in! We would be pleased to welcome you and your guests if you would like to be the head of your own business with the possibility of the most suitable rental virtual office. Office Rental…

Our Services

Office rentals are a heavy burden, especially for those who work in the field. Making a serious investment in a place where nobody works may deter you from your idea of doing your own business. Our teams that step in at this stage will be pleased to provide you with every service you need. You come now and work in our offices, in which we will provide you with;

  • Telephone central service
  • Unlimited internet at great speed
  • Parking lot
  • Free cleaning
  • Stationery support
  • Hot drinks

Where is our Office?

You can also contact us with special service options you need that we could not think of. When you set up a business, you have to have an address to write on your business card. You can feel like a special guest in your office while we offer you this service with the most convenient rental virtual office options. Our office is located in the Kozyatagi District, which is developing as the business center of the Anatolian Side, and can be easily reached with public transportation systems. We respond to our clients’ requests with solution and result oriented approaches, and we rent out the office they dream of with advantageous prices.

Office Rental

Our optimum Office services for you

Virtual Office Service For A Convenient Price

Have you established a new company and got your home address on your business card? Are your cargoes coming to your home and turning back because no one is there? Are you inviting your customers to cafes when they want to have a meeting?

You are not the only one who experiences this problem. You can have a prestigious address, an assistant service (your phones answered on behalf of your company’s name), a cargo service, a custom fixed telephone number billing and a fax service with a very tight budget, and be a step ahead of your rivals in your business life. Let us call you in order for you to benefit from the privileges of virtual office and to find out many other advantages. Detailed information on our virtual office page.

Virtual Office Plus Service For A Convenient Price

In addition to covering all of your virtual office privileges, Virtual Office Plus includes office use for five (5) working days per month. Detailed information on our virtual office plus page.

Instant Office Service For A Convenient Price

We offer you work space solutions so that you can get rid of expenses such as rental contract, withholding, dues, internet, water, electricity, heating, cooling, furniture decoration, cleaning, tea, coffee etc. and only focus on your business. With flexible terms of contract, work in a prestigious location, in an office equipped with modern furnishings and all office tools, while using your budget for your investments, not for your office. Detailed information on our instant office page.

Co-working Office Service For A Convenient Price

If you think that instant office solutions are expensive and that the virtual office solution is not enough for you, we recommend you to see our co-working offices. We have reserved a workspace for you which you can use 24/7, where you can take advantage of all the facilities of work space packages. Detailed information on our co-working office page.

Meeting Room Service For A Convenient Price

You can find comfort and quality together in our prestigious meeting rooms where you can conveniently welcome your customers and guests. Detailed information on our meeting room page.

Daily Office Service For A Convenient Price

The daily rental virtual office service offers great advantages in terms of cost compared to long-term rented offices for people who do not need office space too often. If you need a short-term, quiet and reliable working environment, our daily office solutions are for you. Detailed information on our daily office page.

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