How Much Does Renting An Office at Folkart Towers Cost?

Folkart Towers, which combine the stylish office concept with the living space in Izmir, have become a prestigious point of pride for the region. Renting an office at Folkart Towers consist of sport complexes, galleries, shops, bazaars, working areas, meeting rooms, and indoor and outdoor car parks. It would not be wrong to say that at Folkart Towers residents have already got the image of having a luxurious office in Izmir.

About Izmir Folkart Towers

Folkart is a project that was started back in 2006 by Saya Group. This project, which emerged with the aim of creating quality living spaces capable of offering luxury and comfort together with an environment-friendly approach, has met the needs of the region in this sense. Towers consist of residential flats, offices and living spaces. The towers, regarded as the fifth highest structure in Europe, are built on 27,000 square meters of land. There is no limit to the services you can get at Folkart. 24-hour technical assistance, dry cleaning, food, shopping, gym, pool use and much more are available here. In the Folkart Bazaar area, there are many different options such as restaurants, showrooms, libraries, reading rooms, bowling halls and billiard parlors.

Renting An Office at Folkart Towers

One of the most advantageous solutions you can find for renting an office at Folkart Towers is the instant office or virtual office options. With Planofis, you can be an office owner in Izmir Folkart in a much faster and advantageous way than you can think. Folkart Towers, which have living spaces that will keep you away from everyday stress. Regarded as one of the most prestigious office addresses not only in the region but also in Europe. Having an office here will create a vital image on your customers and business partners. Of course. It also provides an excellent workspace for you and your team to work with pleasure and to produce creative business solutions.

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