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Istanbul is considered as one of the cities with the strongest trade traffic in the world both in local and global sense. Considering that Istanbul is home to companies that are world-wide in diverse fields such as production, export, informatics, art, automotive, transport and textile, finding space in this cosmopolitan structure for meetings and business negotiations may become difficult. rental instant office can hardly be found in Istanbul. But, in recent years,’s very professional instant office and virtual office options have helped each and every business operator to rent an office at the most central point of the city.

If you want to rent an office in Istanbul or if your current job location is insufficient due to reasons such as traffic, transportation and comfort, you may prefer instant office or virtual office options. So, how will you get solutions such as the cheapest office rentals in Istanbul and renting offices in a central place at affordable prices? Similarly, what are the best office locations in Istanbul? Let’s look at the answers of the questions such as how the plaza rentals of the Anatolian side are…

The Most Central Locations to Rent an Office in Istanbul

Before giving an answer to the question of where the busiest places in Istanbul are, it is necessary to mention the constantly changing nature of the region. In Istanbul, where more and more lands are becoming zoned for construction, there is a very fast changing location balance from past to present. The regions that seemed very isolated five years ago can now be regarded as very busy and centralized. Increasing metro stations, crowded population, urban transformation, lands that are zoned for construction and newly opened bridges can be cited as reasons for this situation.

Due to their central locations and easy access, regions in the European side such as Merter, Levent, Beyoglu and Maslak can be preferred for renting an office, arranging a meeting, renting a daily office or renting a virtual office. Atasehir, Kozyatagi and Kadikoy are important locations for renting an office in the Anatolian side. It will provide you with the important comfort of being able to reach the regions easily, to be close to important business and shopping centers, to have restaurants of the world cuisine in the region and to access to service for all your needs.

About ByOffice Plaza

If you want to rent office in Kozyatagi, ByOffice is one of the most prestigious plazas in this region. ByOffice Plaza is located in one of the easiest points to reach from Europe and Anatolia by both car and public transportation. Besides its location in Kadikoy plazas region, it is close to regional directorates of banks in the Anatolian side, metro stations, bus and collective taxi stops and shopping centers. You can make use of the facilities of the plaza for parking, which is a very important necessity in Istanbul, as well as large, spacious and elegant office and meeting rooms.

Rent An Instant Office in the Anatolian Side!

For a meeting where some of the participants might be coming from different regions of the country, your own office may cause a great loss of time in terms of transportation. In such cases, it would be useful to rent an instant office or a daily meeting room for a location where everyone can easily reach. You may need a working environment for your freelance or home office work, or you may need an office to welcome your customers. You may be looking for a solution to rent an affordable office at a central point in the city for your new company. You can solve all these problems by renting a daily office, renting a meeting room at a reasonable price, or using virtual office options via

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