What Is The Difference Between Virtual Office And My Own Office?

Despite all expenses and tiring processes, the excitement of setting up a new business is an irresistible pleasure. It is like becoming a parent or making your own art. The steps for setting up a business for SMEs include a series of procedures such as renting a small office, furnishing it, recruiting staff, work-sharing and paying and tracking company taxes and expenses. There are many difference between virtual office and your own office.

If you are getting ready to have your own Virtual Office or a new business, you should be working hard on all of these details. Thinking of the workplace address and location detail, what could possibly be the most advantageous solution for you?

You will need an address for your business for sure. This address is where your papers, cargoes and staff come and go. Of course, you could also show your home as your workplace address, which would not really be very functional. So, who will receive and send your cargoes and welcome your guests when you are not in the company, where only you or one more person at most is present.

You can solve this problem by renting an instant office. The instant office services you will get include a secretariat service, guest-greeting and other services.

What are the pros of virtual office

You will not have to recruit staff for secretariat or tea-coffee servicing. Moreover, instead of the secretary and other assistant staff you would find with the figures you have minimized, Planofis.com employs professionals recruited in consequence of detailed human resource interviews. So, you will get a professional service at a much cheaper price.

We know that your need for an address for your business does not cover only cargo and other mailing issues. You need an address to host, meet and work with your customers. Would not it be nice to have a very elegant office address in the busiest point of the city, where transportation is the easiest? If you have the thought that “such an office would be very expensive to rent”, you should definitely see the solutions Planofis.com will offer you.

You can have an office at the most beautiful place of the city, in an extremely prestigious address, without paying real estate commission and withholding tax, while also paying rent for how much you use it. If it sounds nice to you, request an offer immediately.

Virtual Office and My own office difference

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