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In recent years, it has been much preferred to rent instant offices, virtual offices, daily rental offices and meeting rooms in major cities such as Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. The office rental options, each one of which responds to different needs, have become popular since they offer the advantage of working in the most prestigious working places in the city, generally with figures that are more economical. Instant office in Kozyatagi with ByOffice is an excellent option for renting instant offices in the Anatolian side.

Advantage of Instant Office Rental at Affordable Prices by ByOffice Plaza

If you want to rent an office in the Anatolian side, you can focus on the Kozyatagi district, which offers the possibility of being close to the beach and pleasant living spaces while providing the privileges of being the transportation hub of the region. Kozyatagi office rentals are usually assessed according to closeness to the E-5 road, in other words, the ease of transportation. Rental offices in the Kozyatagi district, which you may take into consideration while moving your company to a more central place or renting an office while establishing a new company, can become quite costly with details such as withholding, real estate commission, decoration, office furniture, installation of IT infrastructure and parking rent. If you have a company that consists of no more than a few people and the employees of which are usually out of the office all day, you can cut your company expenses by half with the instant office or virtual office options. presents this advantageous solution at ByOffice Plaza in Kozyatagi, which is in the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

How to Rent an Instant Office from ByOffice Plaza

Simply fill in the form quickly to request an offer at You can fill in the form by clicking on the “Quick Offer” button at the homepage. After you enter your name, surname, your desired office solution, your phone number and e-mail address into the form, staff will immediately begin to produce a solution for you. You can start working in your office right after evaluating the offers.

What Are the Advantages of ByOffice Plaza?

  • It is located in the most central location in the Anatolian side of Istanbul.
  • It is an extremely easy access point with both private vehicles and public transport.
  • It is one of the most recognized prestigious plazas of the region.
  • It provides a parking service.
  • Inside of the plaza is spacious, elegant and decorative.
  • It provides a security and guest-greeting service.
  • Plaza and meeting rooms are modern and comfortable.
Instant Office byOfficePlaza

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