Frequently Asked Questions About Instant Office

We have answered some frequently asked questions such as what rental instant office is, how the rental instant office and designs are, who can rent an instant office etc.

Who rents an instant office?

Generally, SMEs, small sized enterprises, in other words, companies without many employees prefer instant offices. However, corporate companies that are huge corporate organizations in very large areas, sometimes prefer instant office solutions because of their ease of transportation, location and for a more trendy image. For example, let’s imagine that the design department of a corporate company will work on a very important project for a week. You can rental instant office in order to create an environment where all of the staff can easily access, feel the energy of a different environment, be isolated from the general atmosphere of the company, and concentrate on the project at the same time.

How Are The Rooms’ Designs in Instant Office?

In this system, you are allocated a furnished rental instant office. However, if you have a particular preference for furniture or decoration, a suitable solution will be produced for you, or you can just choose from a variety of different decorated rooms at different locations.

Why Is Instant Office Regarded As More Economical?

For SMEs; virtual office and instant office solutiıons are the most convenient ways to rental instant office in terms of price nowadays. Because, in this system, you will not have to deal with expenses such as withholding tax and real estate commission, as well as office furniture and tools.

Will I Pay Withholding Tax for Instant Office?

No, instant office requires no withholding tax.

What Are The Details That Make Instant Office Easier?

Along with providing you with a staff, a car park and a master for technical problems, all of the work items such as IT infrastructure, office modification, office furniture, electronic equipment, secretary and service staff are all included in the rental instant office solution.

Will I Pay For Heating In Addition To The Instant Office Rent?

If you rental instant office, a virtual office or even a meeting room, you will not pay for heating, air conditioning, and tea-coffee services.

What Does The Assistance Service Include?

It includes services such as answering your phone calls on behalf of your company, welcoming your guests, sending and receiving your cargoes, and taking notes of who called you or came to your office etc. while you were not in the office.

What Is The Most Attractive Advantage of Instant Office For Companies?

In addition to comfort, a prestigious business address and an easily accessible location provided here, expenses that are measurable and predictable offer a very attractive advantage. When renting an instant office, you can learn what you will pay for working in the address in question for a year. In the other company renting processes, many details such as repairs, breakdowns, staff circulation and car park will cause unforeseen expenses.

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