Modern Office Designs

People in business spend about seventy percent of their days in their offices. According to the researches, the more comfortable and peaceful the office life is, the more the work efficiency is increased. Thus, many companies have recently begun to pay more attention to office decorations. There are a lot of modern office design schemes.

Minimal designs create a relaxed atmosphere by helping the employees with eyestrain. The point that interior designers pay particular attention to in the context of modern office designs is the use of ergonomic materials. In this way, all the needs of employees are met and they feel much better. As Planofis, we have also set up all of our workspaces in this manner.

Modern Office Design Planofis

New Design Products

The designs of the meeting rooms have also begun to be modernized in the same way. Meeting room instructions are indicated on the floors and walls. It is possible to see the commonness of the yellow color in the offices of many companies.

Essential libraries create an integrity for an office. Floor-to-ceiling libraries are preferred in offices with high ceilings. Stylish ladders to reach shelves close to the ceiling complement the design.


Thanks to the accessories on the wall shelves, it is possible to bring elegance to the office. These pieces, which do not overcrowd and are made up of minimal pieces, eliminate the feeling of emptiness. Another accessory for office design is provided with posters stuck on the walls. These posters can be a world map or a deer head.

Ceiling lamps are usually used for office lighting. Whereas ground lighting is mostly preferred for decoration.

Flower Decoration

Flowers mean tranquility. Modern Office design in Flowers put in a small pot built on a wall will contribute to the serenity of your office. White color is generally preferred for the use of flowerpots. The reason for this is that white color complements offices and flowers of any color.

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