Rent a Virtual Office from Kozyatagi ByOffice Plaza

If you are someone who is a freelancer, working at home or on the internet, and do not need an office, how logical would it be to rent a company’s office? Virtual Office ByOffice Plaza Similarly, if you are a lawyer or a counselor and sometimes need an elegant office in a central location, would you actually want to bother with unnecessary expenses, considering that the office is going to be empty most of the time? Rent a Virtual Office from Kozyatagi ByOffice Plaza…

Let’s say you work in the above mentioned working areas or something similar to them. You would need an office to invite your customers, hold business meetings and work in an office environment on a couple of days a month. Yet, you would not need the office for the rest of the month. Why would you pay an office’s rent for a whole month?

Of course, it does not end with the rent; there are expenses such as withholding, real estate commission, electricity, water, heating and cooling bills, parking, security, dues, secretariat expenses, office furniture, repairs, internet etc. How about we offer you a solution so that you can only pay for the days you use the office, as well as show the most prestigious plaza in the city as your work address:, virtual office solutions.

Even if you work freelance or at home, you can have a company at Virtual Office ByOffice Plaza, which locates in the most central point in Kozyatagi in the Anatolian side of Istanbul. You can give this address as your company’s official address to your customers, colleagues and business partners. Your phone calls will be answered on behalf of your company and your cargoes will be received for you. You can come here whenever you need an office and only pay for the days you use it.

How To Rent a Virtual Office from Kozyatagi ByOffice Plaza?

To rent a virtual office from Kozyatagi ByOffice Plaza or learn about ByOffice rentals, simply click on the “Quick Offer” button on the main page at You will be asked for your name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, and your preferred office rental method. When you complete the form and send it, you will receive an offer immediately. You can rent an office in Virtual Office ByOffice Plaza at a reasonable price by evaluating the offer, without any of the company expenses we have listed above.

What Does Virtual Office Solutions Include?

  • An office in the most central point of the city
  • A prestigious and assuring work address
  • An official work address
  • Your cargoes sent and received for you
  • Your phone calls answered on behalf of you and your notes taken for you (secretariat service)
  • Security, parking use, cleaning, tea and coffee services, consulting, quest-greeting services
  • Withholding, real estate commission, IT infrastructure setup, office furniture, office decoration, internet, air conditioning, heating, repairs and alterations etc.
Virtual Office from Kozyatagi ByOffice Plaza

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